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Do I really need an estate plan?2022-01-27T19:22:46-05:00

Yes. Estate plans are about more than money! A well written estate plan guides end of life care, guardianship for minor children, and how a person will be remembered.

How much does using LegacyWise cost?2023-07-17T13:12:04-04:00

LegacyWise’s suggested cost is less than 1/3 of traditional custom legal documents. To keep it affordable, it is based on a sliding scale by income. If that is too high, LegacyWise users can just name their own price. Our goal is to serve users well regardless of their ability to pay. Plus, LegacyWise’s services come with a 100% one-year money back guarantee.

How long does it take to get a LegacyWise estate plan?2023-07-17T13:04:40-04:00

LegacyWise has been designed to get you Done in a Day! After your registration is complete, you will choose a Workshop near you. During the workshop, you will learn all about estate planning, make your own customized plan, and make an appointment to sign your documents – all within a few hours!  A limited number of signing appointments are available right after the seminar for those who need to sign that day.

What is the difference between LegacyWise and other online systems?2022-03-07T10:50:29-05:00

Many online systems offer fill-in-the-blank forms without much flexibility or customization. The LegacyWise system offers customizable documents that address unique family structures and life circumstances. LegacyWise also offers live seminars to help you truly understand your estate plan and end of life options. Through the LegacyWise system you will build your own documents. The documents are purposely designed to be easily understood. LegacyWise staff can answer questions as you build your own documents.

Should I choose a Will or Trust?2022-01-27T19:28:13-05:00

It depends. A Will is a public document that describes how you want your estate handled after death. It must go through a court process called “probate” after your death. A Trust is a private document describing your estate plan. It avoids probate. LegacyWise users are able to choose either plan, depending upon which they believe works best for their families.

Can I use LegacyWise to update an old Will or Trust?2022-01-27T19:29:30-05:00

Yes. LegacyWise can be used to replace an old Will or Trust.

I have a unique family structure. Is LegacyWise right for me?2022-01-27T19:29:05-05:00

Yes. LegacyWise works for most family structures, including blended families, multigeneration families, adoptive and foster families, LGBTQ families, single parents, and grandparents raising grandchildren, among others.

Does LegacyWise offer tax planning?2022-01-27T19:42:42-05:00

No. LegacyWise does not offer tax planning. People with tax planning questions should seek their accountant or financial advisor’s advice. Under recent federal legislation, over 90% of estates presently are exempt from any federal taxation. That helps to simplify the LegacyWise documents.

Will LegacyWise answer my legal questions?2022-01-27T19:30:49-05:00

No. LegacyWise does not offer legal services. People with legal questions should seek an attorney’s advice. LegacyWise users may opt to be referred to a nearby attorney for signing and for any follow up questions. Services other than signing typically would require that a fee be paid to the attorney.

Can LegacyWise refer me to an attorney in my area?2022-01-27T19:43:14-05:00

Yes. LegacyWise partners with legal professionals in all states and can refer you to a local attorney to answer your questions.

Does LegacyWise work in my state?2023-07-17T12:58:00-04:00

LegacyWise is designed to work in all states. Currently, LegacyWise operates in the States of New Hampshire and Maine. However, we plan to expand to all states in the near future. Feel free to call or write to find out when seminars will be available in your area.

How can LegacyWise help my organization? Why should I offer a LegacyWise seminar to my members/employees?2023-07-17T13:15:03-04:00

Offering a LegacyWise workshop provides your members with a sense of value and belonging.

What is Charitable Giving?2022-01-04T11:33:05-05:00

Charitable Giving is the practice of donating a portion of your estate to a non-profit organization or charity of your choosing. This may be your house of worship, school, or favorite charity.

Why should I consider Charitable Giving?2022-01-27T19:47:05-05:00

Donating a portion of your estate to a religious, charitable, or non-profit cause helps the organization grow and thrive. Including a meaningful cause in your estate plan can also enhance your sense of legacy. Giving is also an important part of Biblical stewardship for those who follow the Holy Scriptures. Finally, some estates may benefit from tax breaks for charitable giving. Check with your attorney or financial planner to see if this may benefit your estate.

Is my organization too big?2022-01-27T19:48:12-05:00

No. LegacyWise is scalable to any member size.

Is my organization too small?2021-12-10T11:17:45-05:00

No, LegacyWise is scalable to any member size.

What if I have a small estate? Would a small donation even matter to a charity?2022-01-27T19:50:19-05:00

Yes! In fact, micro-donation is one of the fastest growing methods to support charities today. When you give, even a small amount, you contribute to something bigger than yourself. And, when multiple people begin to give small amounts, they add up quickly! Every donation makes a difference!

Does LegacyWise work in my state?2021-12-10T11:18:16-05:00

Yes, LegacyWise is available in all states.

Does LegacyWise work with religious communities?2022-01-27T19:56:44-05:00

Yes. LegacyWise originated in the Christian faith. As a matter of obedience to that faith, it is offered to all religious communities. It is also offered to those who are not religious.

Does LegacyWise work with non-profits?2022-01-27T19:58:02-05:00

Yes. LegacyWise is available to non-profit corporations.

Does LegacyWise work with businesses?2022-01-27T19:58:47-05:00

Yes. LegacyWise is available to for-profit corporations. Some have sponsored LegacyWise seminars as a service to their employees or other constituents.

Is LegacyWise competing against estate attorneys?2022-01-27T20:00:37-05:00

No. LegacyWise was founded to help serve the large percentage of Americans who do not have an estate plan, as well as those who struggle with traditional legal services. It is our primary goal to serve those who do not normally access legal services.

What does LegacyWise mean by “plain language” documents?2022-01-27T20:01:41-05:00

LegacyWise has carefully rewritten documents to replace traditional legalese with simpler phrases, using language most people use in regular daily speech. Specialized terms are explained when used. However, some state-specific forms require specific words selected by local legislatures. In many cases, those words cannot be changed. LegacyWise staff are available to help explain unfamiliar terms.

Is LegacyWise a law firm?2021-12-10T11:20:38-05:00

No. LegacyWise is not a law firm and does not offer legal advice.

Do I get paid to be a LegacyWise professional?2022-01-27T20:02:52-05:00

No. LegacyWise professionals are expected to offer their signing services for no cost. However, review of documents and any other professional services may be charged to LegacyWise users at a reasonable rate. Those services offered by you are not LegacyWise services. You set the terms for such work.

Why should I offer to be a LegacyWise professional?2022-01-27T20:03:44-05:00

Becoming a LegacyWise professional offers attorneys, paralegals, notaries public, and signing agents access to possible new clients, as well as opportunities to serve those who serve our communities. LegacyWise professionals also are part of the endowment building for charitable and religious organizations who benefit from our important work in helping individuals put into practice their charitable desires.

Do I pay a referral fee to be a LegacyWise professional?2022-01-27T20:04:36-05:00

No. LegacyWise does not require a referral fee to become a LegacyWise professional.




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