You want to make a plan, understand your options, and do it right. LegacyWise can help.

More than half of all Americans do not have end-of-life documents, like a Will or a Trust, in place. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming: legal jargon is confusing and frustrating, it traditionally takes a long time to get things organized and written down, and that is before considering cost.

But, with LegacyWise’s simple, guided approach to helping you create these documents, you can be Done in a Day – and for less than you think. By attending a workshop and using our simple, web-based system, you will be in control to make customized choices to craft personalized documents, and even sign them on the same day! Your costs are based on your income and can be reduced for those who need it. Because LegacyWise uses plain language, you will see how easy it can be to understand what is in your documents.