Will LegacyWise answer my legal questions?

No. LegacyWise does not offer legal services. People with legal questions should seek an attorney’s advice. LegacyWise users may opt to be referred to a nearby attorney for signing and for any follow up questions. Services other than signing typically would require that a fee be paid to the attorney.

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Does LegacyWise offer tax planning?

No. LegacyWise does not offer tax planning. People with tax planning questions should seek their accountant or financial advisor’s advice. Under recent federal legislation, over 90% of estates presently are exempt from any federal taxation. That helps to simplify the LegacyWise documents.

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Should I choose a Will or Trust?

It depends. A Will is a public document that describes how you want your estate handled after death. It must go through a court process called "probate" after your death. A Trust is a private document describing your estate plan. It avoids probate. LegacyWise users are able to choose either plan, depending upon which they

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